1. Get This Crystal Party Started (Pink vs New Order)
  2. Burr-alive (Beastie Boys vs Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby)
  3. Rock The Party Groove (Benzino vs. Ray Parker Jr)
  4. Without This Charming Man (Eminem vs. The Smiths)
  5. What Do You Want From Someone To Call Your Lover (Janet Jackson vs. Monaco)
  6. Getting Outside With It (George Michael vs. Electronic)
  7. Musicstarter (Madonna vs. The Prodigy)
  8. Blastik-proof (Breakbeat Era vs. Renegade Soundwave)
  9. I’ll Fly With Imperial 109 (Gigi D’Agostino vs. The Charlatans)
  10. I Rush You (Kosheen vs. Moby)
  11. Heaven Is A Place In Chicago (Berlinda Carlisle vs. Groove Armada)
  12. We Have Emotions (Mariah Carey vs. Future Sound Of London)
  13. Obladi’s Groove (The Beatles vs. The Chemical Brothers)
  14. Wanna-busy Child (Spice Girls vs. The Crystal Method)
  15. Remember One More Time (Michael Jackson vs. Britney Spears)
  16. Lullaby Of Disco Potential (Everything But The Girl vs. Pet Shop Boys)
  17. My Icey Blue Heaven (Vanilla Ice vs. Enoch Light)
  18. Oh Lazy (David Byrne vs. Yello)
  19. I Want Your Groove Back In The Heart (The Jackson Five vs. Deee Lite)
  20. Because I Got An Interlude (Afroman vs. Morrissey and Siouxie)

Max picks: I’ll Fly With Imperial 109, I Rush You and Blastik-proof - Moody and dreamy.

Moritz picks: I Want Your Groove Back In The Heart, Rock The Party Groove and Get This Crystal Party Started - floorfillers with a twist

The first ever Lycantropii, re-edited here with a new cover. Classics include Without This Charming Man, Remember One More Time and Fritz’s all-time favourite, Burr-alive…

  1. Cruel Lullaby (Ace of Base vs The Cure)
  2. Bittersweet Survivor (Destiny’s Child vs The Verve)
  3. I’m a Slave Under My Skin (Britney Spears vs. Neneh Cherry)
  4. Intergalactical Desire (Beastie Boys vs. U2)
  5. Getting Jiggy With Her Majesty (Will Smith vs. The Propellerheads)
  6. Hold Me In Your Army (Rick Astley vs. The Prodigy)
  7. Eple Submarine (The Beatles vs. Royksopp)
  8. Get Your Orange Wedge On (Missy Elliot vs. The Chemical Brothers)
  9. What About Soundwaves (Brandy vs. Renegade Soundwave & Leftfield)
  10. You Dub Know Where The Hidden Towers Are (Tim Maia & Björk vs. The Orb)
  11. One Crystal Foward (New Order vs. Max Romeo)
  12. Way Temperamental (EBTG vs. Orbital)
  13. It’s a Faust Day (Opus III vs. Gorillaz)
  14. Guetto Storm (Elvis vs. Massive Attack)
  15. Beetlebang-bang (Nancy Sinatra vs. Blur)
  16. Fuck with Seikou (Michael Jackson vs. Voice Of America)
  17. Waiting To Shine (J-Lo vs. Monaco)
  18. Slow Taste (Kylie vs. Placebo)
  19. Fuck Brazil Away (Peaches vs. Tino Contreras)
  20. Perfect Rap Name [bonus demon] (Obie Trice vs. Lightning Seeds)

Max picks: You Dub Know Where The Hidden Towers Are, What About Soundwaves and Get Your Orange Wedge On - Electronic low tempo heaven…

Moritz picks: Intergalactical Desire, Slow Taste and Hold Me In Your Army - Rocking and rolling baby…

Like the every good trilogy, think Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, the second Lycantropii is the darker one - and as some may say, the best. It’s the one with Cruel Lullaby, Bitter Sweet Survivor and Fuck With Seikou, that brings together Jacko Wacko and the Joy Division rip-off Voice of America. A masterpiece.

  1. Whenever Brixton (Shakira vs Renegade Soundwave)
  2. Pelando Ghosts (Ray Parker Jr. vs Quincy Jones & Los Amigos Invisibles)
  3. Talking Comfortably (Scissor Sisters vs. Stretsasonic)
  4. There’s No Other Trouble (Beastie Boys vs. Blur)
  5. My Funky Generation (C+C Music Factory vs. The Who)
  6. Unfinished Shout (Tears For Fears vs. Massive Attack)
  7. Germanlicker (Kylie & Towa Tei vs. Aphex Twin)
  8. Gypsy Bass (Crystal Waters vs. Lamb)
  9. Stupid Jump (Garbage vs. The Chemical Brothers)
  10. Dusted Bird (The Beatles & Leftfield)
  11. Da Bad (Michael Jackson vs. Daft Punk)
  12. Push The Dead Husband (Salt �n Pepa vs. Deejay Punk-Roc)
  13. I Wanna Dance With Marbles (Whitney Houston vs. Black Grape)
  14. Tear Your Ghetto (Pras & Mýa vs. Motorhead)
  15. How Tom Is Now? (Suzanne Vega vs. The Smiths)
  16. Believe In Bomb (Cher vs. The JB’s)
  17. Vogueshake (Kelis vs. Madonna)
  18. Con-think-sion ['83 radio edit] (Information Society vs. New Order)
  19. Left To My Own Survival (Gloria Gaynor vs. Pet Shop Boys)
  20. Mercedes Rock (Janis Joplin vs. Queen)

Max picks: Germanlicker, Dusted Bird & Mercedes Rock - Some conceptual shit going down…

Moritz picks: Pelando Ghosts, Talking Comfortably and Believe In Bomb - Play that funky music right?

The third Lycantropii volume is a blast. Almost epic, with great tracks like Whenever Brixton and Left To My Own Survival - the much anticipated killer tune Fritz was spinning on his live sets at that time.

01. Freaks on Film [Rick James vs Duran Duran]
02. Sympathy on The Dancefloor [Rolling Stones vs Sophie Ellis Bextor]
03. Complicated Whisper [George Michael vs Avril Lavigne]
04. Been Caught Shakin' [Beastie Boys vs Janes Addiction]
05. Psycho U [Talking Heads vs Freeez]
06. Genius's Got A Temper [The Prodigy vs Tom Tom Club]
07. Orange Feeling [REM vs Black Eyed Peas]
08. Pump Up The Paranoia [Garbage vs M/A/R/R/S]
09. Was Dog A Virgin [Madonna vs Cat Stevens]
10. Never Gonna Space You Up [Rick Astley vs Jamiroquai]
11. You Give Life A Bad Name [Bon Jovi vs Leftfield]
12. Perpetual Part Of Me [Michael Jackson vs The Orb]
13. Lose The Littlest Things [Eminem vs Lily Allen]
14. Wish This Way [Skee-lo vs Aerosmith & Run DMC]
15. Hear The Champion Sound Get Wicked [Fatboy Slim vs Chad Jackson]
16. Another One Bites The Message [Grandmaster Flash vs The Queen]
17. Long Time Epic [Mariah Carey vs Faith No More]
18. Hollaback Macarena [Gwen Stefani vs Los Del Rio]
19. Salmon Back [The Chemical Brothers vs Justin Timberlake]
20. Dream On Forever [Spice Girls vs Depeche Mode]

Max picks: Never Gonna Space You Up, Was Dog A Virgin and Perpetual Part Of Me - Downtempo heaven!

Moritz picks: Orange Feeling, Long Time Epic and You Give Life A Bad Name - Natural born classics!

The the long-awaited Lycantropii volume IV is finally here... 20 brand new tracks to rock your world!

Marshall Records - or War Shall Wreck Worlds - is a record label founded by Shalalá Records former CEO Peter Zarustica. The king of controversy decided to apply his way-out-of-the-box ideas on this new company, and align them with an engagement to fight what's wrong in the world today - in his words 'silly wars and fundamentalism'.

Marshall Records' name has many many explanations. In its first ever press release, the same one Peter issued telling he was leaving Shalalá Records, Marshall Records was 'an anti-war record label filled with ammunition'. In January 2004, Zarustica said to Wired Magazine that Marshall Records was a pseudo-anagram of Shalalá Records and that he was 'expecting some of Shalalá's international royalties to 'accidentally' go into Marshall's account, because everybody knows that publishing rights collectors are bloody stupid'. That statement created much controversy in the music industry, but many believe it was a publicity stunt. Later, prior to the release of Lycantropii Volume II, he said Marshall Records was a homage to Marshall McLuhan, and its readers who 'would be the only ones who would truly understand at least half of the Lycantropii experience'. In December 2006 would return to this subject claiming 'The Beatles' HATE are the ultimate Lycantropii experience'. And, of course, Marshall Records (specially in its original form: Mar shall rec or ds) is a word play with War Shall Wreck Worlds, with the missing letters (WKWL) being underlined in phrases and mottos - like Wierd and Klassik White Label Mixes
or Who Kares, What Loser?


The word lycanthropy (in english) is used generically for any being who's part-human, part-animal. This is the idea here... Two (or more) songs mixed together, becoming something else. The Lycantropii Collection is composed by volumes of 20 tracks each. Each track is created by mixing the instrumental parts of one song with the vocals from another - becoming then another piece, unique and exclusive. A Lycantropii.

The Lycantropii CD was a Christmas tradition. Every December, during the years of 2003, 2004 and 2005, Shalalá Records fans and friends received a promo CD with 20 Lycantropii tracks from this new record label called Marshall Records.

The 2006 Christmas was different. We released The Beatles HATE - the first non-promo release of Marshall Records, and the first record with proper remixes - not mash-ups. Then 2007 came and with that Renegade Boys was launched. Practically a Lycantropii album, dedicated only to two bands - Renegade Soundwave and the Beastie Boys. 2008 saw The Beatles' HELL, and on 2009 we're releasing two CDs, Lily Allen Remixed and...
Lycantropii IV!


Max und Moritz are Fritz von Runte's pair of pioneer CDJs - the equipment used to experiment the Lycantropii ideas that Fritz will later develop in the studio. Von Runte is the de facto producer of the Lycantropii Collection. Since he had an exclusive contract with Shalalá Records at the time the project was being developed, he came up with this alias - Max und Moritz, inspired by his favourite book as a child.

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We would love to hear your inputs on this project. How did the Lycantropii Collection affect your life? What do you think about wars? No really, speak your mind... What do you think about using such a transcendental experience as music to promote peace and to spread the information that wars are useless, and that we should be patriots with our whole planet and not to a piece of land. No more youngsters losing theirs lives - or limbs, and dreams - for no reason. Send us a message!